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HighClass Magazine RU - Autumn/Winter 2017, LUXURY WITH A LAKE VIEW IN TICINO 

HighClass Magazine RU - Autumn/Winter 2017

Luxury with a lake view in Ticino 

It's the network that counts most, unless you consider experience to be even more important. The right touch in dealing with customers is also indispensable. But all qualities belong to the assets of WETAG Consulting, which has been gathering knowledge in the sale of luxury real estate since 1973 and has offices in Lugano, Locarno and Ascona. More than 20 years ago, Ueli Schnorf took over the company, and Philipp Peter, an ex-racing driver known throughout Switzerland, soon joined as a partner. 

The market leader in the luxury segment has never been satisfied with the first best, but carefully selects whether a villa, a flat or a plot of land is suitable for its clientele from over 70 nations. The price starts at 1.5 million Swiss francs, with hardly any upper limits - understandable with a lake view quota of around 85 percent! Particularly important: the seller only pays WETAG when the purchase is finalised, and the buyer is only obliged to pay the purchase price.

Until that time, expertise and technology come into play. After the value has been realistically estimated by experienced experts, high-quality 4k videos, professional photos and insightful texts in three languages are produced in-house. In this way, Wetag Consulting presents each property impressively with all its strengths - not via newspaper advertisement, but as a continuously varied mix of award-winning presentations on ten international luxury real estate websites as well as on the most affine social media channels. Thanks to the cooperation with Christies's Real Estate, Luxury Portfolio, EREN - European Real Estate Network as well as Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, an extremely high international visibility is guaranteed.

Continuous increase in value

Spending holidays in Ticino is a dream. To live there, forever or for a few of the most beautiful months, is what many want. But then the move is not quite so easy. The legal regulations are strict - if you come from abroad and buy a property that is more than 200 square metres in size, you have to take up your main residence here - and without precise knowledge of the market, the purchase is like a game of vabanques. You have to know your way around the industry to identify the hidden weaknesses of some properties. Without the help of professionals, not much can be done. But those who have secured the right support will have pure joy in the property once it has been acquired. After all, the market is known for its stability, has developed continuously, has never had to cope with bubbles and should continue to develop favourably in terms of value appreciation in the future. And one thing is clear: there are not many areas in Europe that combine such a safe environment with such a pleasant climate!


Luxury Real Estate for sale in Ticino, Switzerland

Riva Antonio Caccia 3
CH-6900 Lugano

Via Antonio Ciseri 13A
CH-6600 Locarno

Via Monte Verità 1
CH-6612 Ascona
[email protected]

+41(0)91 601 04 40

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