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The Wetag-Team

It is a privilege to represent the owners of the most exceptional properties in Ticino, including immaculate Mediterranean villas, timeless architectural icons, modern masterpieces and sophisticated penthouses on Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore.

We are proud to have helped countless customers to shape their new life in Ticino by finding their perfect home with us.

We passionately sell the most attractive private houses in Ticino. We consider it a privilege to represent the interests of the owners of the most beautiful luxury houses in Ticino. And we are proud of the fact that we have managed to sell most of these properties to customers from all over the world. We were and are also helping many customers to help shape their new lifestyle in Ticino.

Our team members are carefully selected for this special service based on their respective qualifications and commitment. With branches in Lugano, Locarno and Ascona, a team that speaks six languages ​​fluently, and thanks to our membership in several of the leading international networks for luxury real estate, we are fully equipped to fully market your home or search for you To help your dream home.

We strive to provide exceptional marketing services for your property or to help you find your new home.

Philipp Peter, Ueli Schnorf, Iradj Alexander David & the Wetag team

Wetag Consulting - Philipp Peter

Philipp Peter

Owner & Director Lugano

Wetag Consulting Italia Fosano 1

Italia Fasano

Personal Assistant to Owners

Iradj Alexander David

Iradj Alexander David

Owner & Director Locarno / Ascona

Wetag Consulting - Karin Finkelmeier

Karin Finkelmeier

Vice Director Lugano

Ueli Schnorf

Ueli Schnorf

Owner Wetag Consulting

Wetag Consulting Raissa Donati

Raissa Donati

Personal Assistant to Philipp Peter

Wetag Consulting - Massimilliano Kapeen

Massimiliano Kapeen

Vice Director Lugano

Wetag Consulting - Alessandra Pavesi (1)

Alessandra Pavesi

Property Manager

Wetag Consulting - Jürgen Brusa

Jürgen Brusa

Senior Consultant

Wetag Consulting - Melissa Pietroni

Melissa Pietroni

Sales Assistant

Wetag Consulting - Isidor Garcia

Isidor Garcia

Photo & video production

Wetag Consulting - Anna Shpagina

Anna Shpagina

Consultant & Referral Coordinator 

Wetag Consulting Claudia Cattaneo

Claudia Cattaneo

Consultant & Referral Coordinator

Wetag Consulting - Kevin Quast

Kevin Quast

Marketing & PR Manager

Wetag Consulting - Brigitte Ebner

Brigitte Ebner Albrecht

Accounting & Controlling

Wetag is an exclusive affiliate in Ticino

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