Why you should choose Wetag to sell your real estate in Ticino, Switzerland?

Advantages for sellers of luxury real estate in Ticino, Switzerland

Every year Wetag is privileged to sell the most exquisite Ticino homes to discerning buyers from around the world. 

We combine passion, in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, and exclusive international marketing contacts through our membership in the world's most prestigious international real estate brokerage network. Marketing and selling luxury homes in Ticino requires sophisticated strategies tailored to individual customers. 

We provide you with detailed information on how we are advertising your house to a keen audience of potential buyers from over 70 countries. 

Philipp Peter & Ueli Schnorf (Owners Wetag Consulting)  


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contact us by e-mail Phone: +41 91 601 04 40

Why instruct us to sell your home , a quick overview:

Often the buyers are coming from other parts of Switzerland or from abroad. International connections are crucial to achieve the sale of these unique homes.”   

Philipp Peter & Ueli Schnorf (Owners Wetag Consulting)  


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