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Discover the Andermatt Ski destination

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Andermatt has been a popular destination for inter­ national visitors for centuries

The location is excellently connected to the most important national and international travel routes, both in summer and winter. From Stuttgart or Munich, the journey takes four hours, and from Milan only two hours. Zurich is only 90 minutes from Andermatt. From the north-south highway, you can reach the mountain village within ten minutes. The airports at Zurich, Basel or Milan are just one to two hours away, whilst private jets can fly to Buochs airport which is only 45 minutes away. If you prefer to take the train, Andermatt train station is well connected in all directions with regular trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB) and the Glacier Express, travelling between St. Moritz and Zermatt, stop- ping at Andermatt.

Andermatt is situated at a lofty altitude, over 1,400 me­ tres above sea level, sheltered between mountains, lying on a broad valley

Guests come in winter, summer, spring and autumn. They come with family, with friends or as a couple, for adventure in the mountains, sports, culture, for enjoyment and relaxation.

Over the past few years, Andermatt has developed once again into a year-round destination, with apartment buildings, hotels and chalets, the Scottish-flavoured 18-hole golf course, which presents golfers with a welcome challenge, and the SkiArena, which is not only the most modern ski resort in Switzerland but also the largest in Central Switzerland, with slopes from Andermatt to Sedrun and Disentis. The 5-star deluxe hotel The Chedi Andermatt exudes special magic with its perfect combination of alpine simplicity and urban sophistication. More apartment buildings and hotels will be built during the next few years.

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Special right for the purchase of real estate as a second home

However, the Swiss federal government ruled to exempt Andermatt Swiss Alps from this law and to allow foreign buyers to purchase apartments and houses from Andermatt Swiss Alps without special permission or restrictions and to sell them again without any minimum holding periods.

In addition, all holiday apartments of Andermatt Swiss Alps are exempt from the Swiss Second Home Law, which restricts the construction of second homes to 20 per cent of the number of residences in a village.

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