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Ticino Welcome - March 2017, A TICINO OF GREAT LUXURY

Ticino Welcome - March 2017

A Ticino of great luxury


So let's start with a definition of luxury, naturally applied to your sector...

"We must make a premise: luxury is a relative concept, which varies greatly depending on the area to which it applies. Let's take an example, for a luxury residence in Durban, South Africa, prices start from 750,000 dollars, while in California, in Beverly Hills, to have a villa you need to budget 8 million dollars. In this international panorama, Ticino also occupies a precise position, with prices for luxury residences starting from 3-3.5 million francs".

There are also precise distinctions to be made with regard to the types of luxury market...

"Exactly. It is necessary to distinguish different types of luxury market. The primary market comprises homes located in big cities, where people live and work; think of London, Paris or New York, where there are residential districts with particularly prestigious flats or villas. The second market is the so-called resort market and includes homes located in areas typically used for holidays; this is the case of the Caribbean islands, where people buy luxury homes to spend more or less long periods of time there throughout the year. Lastly, there is a Life Style and Jet Set market where we find those destinations that are always fashionable, where people can reside, but also spend periods of time on holiday, often these places offer an interesting taxation, a good example of this type of market are Montecarlo or Algarve (Quinta do lago)".

How does Ticino fit into this panorama?

"The characteristic of Ticino, and its absolute strength, is the fact that the Canton encompasses all three markets. There are people who choose to live there all year round, others who only live there for shorter or longer periods, and others who choose it for their holidays".

Does this particular situation in Ticino facilitate or complicate the purchase and sale of luxury residences?

"On the one hand, it represents an extraordinary opportunity, because you can direct your real estate proposals to a wider and more heterogeneous public. On the other hand, it implies greater professionalism, because you have to draw up a precise profile of potential buyers, analysing in depth what their real needs are, but also considering their availability and their expectations".

From this point of view, WETAG Consulting can benefit from all the advantages of being part of a prestigious international network...

"Of course. There are numerous international networks, many of which insist on having us as a partner. Of course we can't be everywhere, over the years we have opted for those networks which give real added value to our company and our clients respectively. Today, we represent four of the most prestigious brands exclusively. I personally attend three or four congresses organised by our international partners each year, during which we analyse in detail the evolution of each market, the changes taking place and future prospects. This allows us to have a constant up-to-date view of the situation, supported by a large amount of statistical data. This is obviously a great advantage directly deriving from belonging to large networks that offer villas and luxury residences in all the most prestigious locations around the world".

What are the reasons why clients from all over the world choose to reside in Ticino?

"Those who come to Ticino choose to take advantage of the traditional benefits offered by this region, which represents an ideal combination of political and economic-financial stability and the Mediterranean style of the "dolce vita". The pleasant climate, the lush green nature, Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore, together with the surrounding mountains, have made this area, for decades, the most sought-after destination for tourists and buyers from Northern Europe. In addition, when one considers its political and financial stability, low crime rate, excellent health system, and high-level educational and public facilities and services, Ticino is the ideal place to live".

From your privileged observatory, how do you judge the current trend of the real estate market in Ticino?

"Let's say that the market is clearly affected by the conditions of economic and financial uncertainty that afflict many countries in the world. In addition, here in Switzerland, the votes and initiatives of the past few years, aimed at making it more difficult for wealthy foreigners to live in Switzerland, have not helped to increase confidence in Switzerland as a "last safe haven". Nor should we forget the consequences of a very strong franc compared to all other currencies. On the other hand, the return of customers, such as those from Germany, who had declined in recent years, is positive. However, the trend among buyers in the luxury market is a strong focus on the real value of the property. Today's buyers, especially if they are customers from abroad, have survived the crisis of the last few years, and are informing themselves about the real values in order not to be forced to pay more than necessary and thus run the risk of not being able to resell a property. In the coming years, the measures taken at federal and cantonal level with regard to limiting the possibilities of purchasing real estate by clients from abroad and the taxation system will be very important. It seems to me that, from time to time, we in Switzerland are unaware of the great efforts that other countries are making to attract wealthy clients and, it has to be said, very often with considerable success".


Wetag Consulting has been selling the most exclusive homes in Ticino, in the south of Switzerland, since 1973. It is an honour for the company to represent the owners of the most enchanting houses in Ticino, also because it has been dealing with the sale of these unique objects for many years, dealing with an international clientele. Wetag Consulting is entirely dedicated to its clients, assisting them during the initial stages of their accommodation, helping them to adapt to their new lifestyle here in Ticino.

Its team is chosen on the basis of qualifications obtained and dedication to the job. With offices in Lugano, Locarno and Ascona, a team able to speak 6 different languages and its membership of the main international organisations in the luxury property sector, Wetag Consulting is fully committed to successfully presenting its clients' properties on the market and helping those wishing to purchase their dream home.


Luxury Real Estate for sale in Ticino, Switzerland

Riva Antonio Caccia 3
CH-6900 Lugano

Via Antonio Ciseri 13A
CH-6600 Locarno

Via Monte Verità 1
CH-6612 Ascona
[email protected]

+41(0)91 601 04 40

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