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Ticino Welcome °75, September - December 2022, NOT JUST WORK COLLEAGUES

Ticino Welcome °75, September - December 2022

Not just work colleagues

A trip to Sardinia to strengthen the bond between work colleagues. A weekend by the sea, in the village of San Pantaleo, a boat trip and a visit to some of the most beautiful and exclusive locations on the Costa Smeralda. Then a meeting with a real estate developer on the island, specialising in luxury, to get to know a unique reality.  The travel diary of Ueli Schnorf and Philipp Peter, co-owners of Wetag Consulting

"For us, it is a great pleasure to be able to offer our employees a moment of escape every now and then and it is amazing to observe how these trips, especially designed to have fun together, create an important complicity between work colleagues. We believe in the power of team building and for this reason we gladly organise events that bring us together. The last two years have been very intense for Wetag Consulting, we have been continually challenged and fortunately the luxury market in Ticino has not experienced a crisis. The pandemic has brought new clients, people who have rediscovered the beauty of being able to have a house surrounded by greenery, by the lake, where the outdoor spaces become true oases of relaxation, designed for reading, resting, but also working. So this Italian weekend was also a reward for the important work that has been done'.

Can we talk about a new beginning for Wetag?

"We will not easily forget this trip because it was magical. A friendly atmosphere was created that allowed everyone to have their own space. We don't think that Sardinia can be seen as a new beginning, but rather as a recharge in order to always be able to guarantee maximum clarity and professionalism to our customers. Our trips with employees have also led us to discover other places such as Marrakech, London, Munich, and we have also been to Cannavacciuolo at Villa Crespi'.

What brought you to the village of San Pantaleo this time?

'When you work in luxury, you also have to know other realities, the good salesman is the one who in his life, in his free time, never stops observing, learning and travelling. We know Sardinia, we know the local estate agents, so we can say we are playing at home. In San Pantaleo there is a family close to us, the Giagoni, who gave us a warm welcome, we stayed in their inn, dined in the world-famous restaurant in the piazzetta. Even breakfast was served to us in the village, among the oleanders and the smells of summer. We also had an aperitif in San Pantaleo with a real estate developer friend, a legendary character, who just a couple of months ago sold a private villa worth over 100 million euro. He told us how they are working, the type of current clients, and talked to us about immense properties in incredible, fairytale locations. As Wetag owners, we are fortunate, every now and then, to be invited to visit important properties, which we can offer to our clients'.

So it was a pleasure trip, but still related to your profession...?

"We can say that. Our employees know the industry well, from restaurants to locations, and - this has to be said - if a salesman also has a humanistic, cultural background, the customer feels it. Dialogues become more pleasant and a visit to a property turns into a journey enriched with anecdotes. This is why we organised a boat trip, admired the sunset at Phi Beach, had lunch with our feet in the sand at Jey Beach and danced at Ritual. Undoubtedly moments of great fun, but at the same time a way of getting to know the island. If someone comes to us and asks where I can buy my holiday home in Italy, you can't just say Sardinia, you have to indicate a place with its culinary and social offerings'.

Does this mean that you also handle sales in Sardinia?

"Wetag Consulting has connections in the domestic world, we have clients who come and ask us to find them a property in Miami and we do. So, to answer your question, yes we also sell villas in Sardinia.
It is an evolving business. Our next trip will be to Portugal, to Cascais, for a meeting of the world's leading luxury agencies. We will be guests of 'Leading Real Estate Companies of the World', and Ueli Schnorf will make a presentation. Then in October we will be among the organisers of the annual meeting of 'European Real Estate Network EREN', which will be held in Verona, the city of love'.


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