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Ticino Welcome °79, September - December 2023, From Wetag Consulting, tailor-made properties for every lifestyle

Ticino Welcome °79, September - December 2023

The real estate market of the future will inevitably be influenced by the behavior of the new generations. Lifestyles will therefore determine which properties will continue to arouse interest and therefore be a long-term investment. For this reason Wetag Consulting does not limit itself to proposing the ideal home and, in its consultancy, also evaluates which properties, over time, maintain their value intact.

You at Wetag Consulting are the leading real estate company in the Ticino luxury market. The current situation indicates that exclusive properties on Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore have not lost value. Given your experience - also at an international level - do you think that in the future the luxury market will be penalized for the lack of properties?

Ueli Schnorf: «The situation has obviously changed. In the past, when there were no real rules for construction and there was a lot of land available, dream properties could be freely created, capable of completely responding to the owners' needs. Today, despite the existence of more severe regulations, the real estate market is continually expanding and the situation is not absolutely alarming: there are, in fact, numerous homes built in the second half of the last century, which are old both from an engineering point of view and in terms of it concerns aesthetics, therefore they require major renovations and some of them are demolished to give free space to the creativity of the architects. To conclude I would like to say that there will always be the possibility of finding an ideal property or place, naturally it takes a little more patience than in the past and investments will also be increasingly important, but these are the typical signs of the regions , like Ticino, where the quality of life is high."

As experts in the luxury market, at Wetag Consulting you also know the dynamics that lead a person to prefer one property over another. To what extent do your customers, people with above average financial possibilities, ask to find the right investment? Nowadays, what types of properties have long-term potential?

Philipp Peter: «I can answer very simply, saying that always, even today (and also in the future) the slogan of Wetag Consulting, “Location, Location, Location!”, is what matters and interests you the most. Prestigious locations – anywhere in the world – will practically always maintain their market value, even increasing it over time. Yes, we are luxury experts and therefore we are used to a demanding clientele, with specific requests, with really large budgets, which however are not always easy to satisfy. We know that properties directly on the lake and with large parks (gardens) exist in limited numbers and Ticino is not immense. For this reason we offer our customers complete consultancy, recommending the right investment which, I repeat, concerns above all the location of the property and its privacy, as well as the lake view and the greenery, all factors which after the pandemic are have become even more essential. What has been said applies to all properties."

Mortgage rates are rising and inflation has hit all of Europe, yet, as we have just heard, luxury properties know no crisis…

Iradj Alexander David: «When the circumstances and dynamics that influence the acquisition of a real estate asset become more unfavorable and burdensome for potential buyers, as in the case of the increase in mortgage rates, it is reasonable to expect a contraction in sales. In these cases, the properties most affected are secondary homes and holiday homes, since they are real estate assets of a recreational and prestigious nature, but when it comes to luxury the situation is completely different. In times of crisis, those who enjoy the economic possibility of transferring their residence to a country that can offer better conditions do so. We are talking about people willing to invest over ten million francs in their home. By virtue of this dynamic we are going through a particularly positive period with regards to the buying and selling of luxury properties, which inevitably leads to the solidification of prices, and even, in some circumstances, to their increase".


Luxury Real Estate for sale in Ticino, Switzerland

Riva Antonio Caccia 3
CH-6900 Lugano

Via Antonio Ciseri 13A
CH-6600 Locarno

Via Monte Verità 1
CH-6612 Ascona
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