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Ozero Komo 16 - October 2017, LAKE COMO FLOODS WITH MILAN

Ozero Komo 16 - October 2017


On Thursday 26 October 2017, under the patronage of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, the presentation of the sixteenth issue of Ozero Komo was held at the exclusive design and furniture studio "Il 10" in Via Andreani 3.

The Russian magazine that promotes the treasures of Italy in the world under the brand of Lake Como is pleased to be hosted by a company that represents Italian excellence and creativity, "Friul Mosaic". A leading company in the sector, winner of numerous awards and acknowledgements, attentive to the preservation of true "Made in Italy" products and projected into the future and the world thanks to technological innovation and the development of new ideas.

On the pages of Ozero Komo, which on this occasion presented itself as a point of reference for all Russians interested in the territory of the "golden triangle - Milan, Lugano and Como", you can find articles dedicated to the Aeroclub of the most beautiful lake in the world, to cultural events, such as the La Scala premiere, the discoveries of art in Lugano. There are interviews with Russians in love with Italy, such as TV presenter Maria Tretiakova, or with an illustrious Ticinese such as Prof. Holecz, who has treated many VIPs from all over the world, and other very interesting stories. 

As per tradition, Ozero Komo did not limit itself to presenting the new issue but celebrated a real party night: Made in Italy was represented by the Venetian company "Andrea Grivaldi" with a fashion collection about which Nadia Murabet spoke passionately; Switzerland was represented by Wetag - the leading luxury real estate agency in Ticino. The floor was taken by the owner of Wetag - Ueli Schnorf to talk about his direct knowledge of the local reality and his own exclusive selection of real estate for sale.

Guests were able to taste a special gin from the lake, delicious beer and wine thanks to the companies Le Specialità Lariane, Gin Rivo, Aquadulza and Contadi Castaldi.

The "Enlightened Entrepreneur" award was received by Tesla Owners Italia, which has always shown innovation and excellence.

Among the guests there was the vice consul of the Russian Consulate Platon Ratskevich, the fashion designer Angela Bellomo, Mazzoleni Foundation and many others.

The evening was enriched by the music of a real celebrity - Samantha Iorio 4tet who performed famous songs from the "James Bond" movies. The theme of the evening was "From Russia with love", with a "James Bond" dress-code to remind us of the elegance and importance of the Russian world, against the backdrop of a display of the best design and luxury companies in the studio.


Luxury Real Estate for sale in Ticino, Switzerland

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