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Ticino Welcome °76, January - March 2023, Cascais and Verona: Again on Vacation?

Ticino Welcome °76, January - March 2023

The owners of Wetag Consulting, Ueli Schnorf and Philipp Peter, seem to never be able to do without a suitcase in hand, because working in the luxury sector also means this: knowing other realities, new properties, interacting with colleagues from other affiliations and above all having a real connection with the international market.

September in Cascais, Portugal

How can we decline an invitation that fills us with pride?
We are talking about Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, which every year brings together its members at the Global Symposium in different, but exclusive and fascinating locations. This year's destination is the coast of Cascais, near Lisbon. The theme of the meeting is Connecting Globally, Leading Locally, and this is the future: having contacts and synergies worldwide, but being sure that the customer is always treated exclusively, by trained people in whom we can trust. An event that has managed to create the right intimacy between owners, brokers, managers, and sales collaborators, who have been able to interact, exchange experiences, and learn from each other, getting to know each other both professionally and during carefully organized leisure moments, such as the traditional and very elegant gala, to give those present the opportunity to discover the wonderful destination of Cascais. Representing Wetag in Portugal were Philipp Peter, Ueli Schnorf, and Anna Shpagina, a team-building moment, and an opportunity to see friends, colleagues, and get to know new international realities; a three-day workshop full of appointments and presentations concerning the global situation of the luxury real estate sector. Taking the floor on the first day was Ueli Schnorf, accompanied by CEOs of companies from the real estate hotspots of Marbella and Singapore. Ueli Schnorf explained why Ticino, as well as the other two locations, had the potential to win the international race to have the most new millionaire residents. Another central topic of the convention was the economic outlook of the luxury sector for 2023 and the latest developments and applications of crypto, blockchain, and metaverse. Another exclusive moment was the informative tour of local luxury properties, during which the local LRE member shows participants the best properties for sale. In short, a full immersion that leaves everyone exhausted and a little regretful for not having had the time to enjoy the wonderful landscape and sea of Cascais... who knows, maybe it will become the destination of the next pleasure trip...

October in Verona, Italy.

Just a few weeks after the Iberian trip... another unmissable meeting, the annual EREN meeting. European Real Estate Network, based in London and founded in 2004, is a small group of European luxury real estate companies, all managed by their owners, who are friends with each other. Thanks to EREN, all members can guarantee their customers, who are for specific reasons in other countries, the same exclusive treatment based on their great professionalism and experience.

It is important to remember that Wetag is a founding member and co-owner of EREN, with Ueli Schnorf being one of the three founding directors. EREN manages a multilingual website and publishes a glossy magazine annually. Every year, one of the members invites the group to their hometown, presents the exclusive properties, and gives a festive atmosphere to those present. A close-knit team, in fact, Ueli Schnorf arrives in Verona early to supervise preparations at the historic Hotel Due Torri. Philipp Peter and Iradj Alexander David arrive on the first day of the convention.

An important moment because it is always nice to meet friends from seven different countries, catch up on what has happened in the last year, see new properties for sale and of course, all accompanied by culinary delights from the region. These moments are also an opportunity to talk about the most exclusive sales... everyone present is thrilled to learn that a superb property on Lake Zurich, visited two years earlier at an EREN meeting, was purchased by Tina Turner. At the same time, the Sardinian partner (you may remember the Wetag article written from Sardinia) managed to sell the largest private property in Sardinia in recent years for a record amount of nearly 200 million euros.
On the way back to Lugano on Saturday, Philipp says: "It is truly a great privilege to be a co-owner of a company that can offer its clients these great trophies." And Iradj, jokingly, adds: "And at home they will say that we went on vacation again..." Everyone laughs.


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