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Highclass Magazine RU - autumn/winter 2018, TICINO IS A DREAM

Highclass Magazine RU - Autumn/Winter 2018

Ticino is a dream

Ticino is more than Switzerland: sun, palm trees and a Mediterranean climate. In fact, the weather is one of the reasons why the rich and famous move here. Northerners crave the sun, and Ticino is an excellent choice in this respect.

Low taxes are undoubtedly an important factor when wealthy people choose where to live. Important elements are security and privacy, as well as the stability of Switzerland's political, economic and financial system. But if you think about it, you might be surprised at how many other, even more compelling reasons there are.

Famous people tend to work and live a lot where they do business. Entrepreneurs from Russia and Italy have set up successful companies in Ticino selling medical technology and consumer goods. These companies are of great interest to well-paid professionals. In Italy, there are some places with excellent beaches or tax-free areas, but most people do not live there permanently because it is too difficult to travel to and from. "I only spend 45 minutes on the way to Milan Malpensa International Airport because I don't hit any traffic lights on the way," says an Italian businessman living in Lugano, Switzerland. "My driver takes me to Lugano airport in 10 minutes. Even if I'm there 20 minutes before departure, I still get to my flight on time," says a German businesswoman who lives near Lugano. And this is what a Russian customer says: "By private car we can be in the centre of Milan, the fashion capital of the world and the cradle of the opera "La Scala", in 45 minutes. For me and my wife, this is a dream come true. And St. Moritz and the other famous ski resorts are only an hour or two away.... Isn't that the best location!". Mountains, lakes, fresh air The quality of the environment also plays a big role. "Why did we want to settle in Ticino? Because the mountains are alpine and the air is fresh! It's sunny all winter long! And there are big lakes where you can go boating, mountain lakes and streams where you can fish," adds another of our clients from Moscow. Says a young couple from Milan: "You can't see the lakes from our house. Here we are completely surrounded by forests. And when we wake up in the morning, we open the windows and breathe in the fresh air.

Nature, forest, lakes, fresh air, clean water - that's Ticino Education A less common factor: many rich people choose to live where their children study. A striking example is London: numerous expensive villas are bought by wealthy people from Asia (especially India and China) who send their children to study at London's elite universities. The American TASIS and Franklin College in Ticino are considered high-ranking educational institutions for foreigners, and many families from other countries choose to live nearby. Medicine The question of medicine plays a key role in the choice of residence for a large proportion of the affluent. The medical centres of Switzerland and Ticino are among the best in the world. Wealthy clients who have moved to Switzerland in recent years have highlighted the importance of predictability in their home country as a key factor in their decision to move to Switzerland, whatever the situation. It is extremely difficult to plan for the future and business development when living conditions change. -


Luxury Real Estate for sale in Ticino, Switzerland

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CH-6900 Lugano

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CH-6600 Locarno

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CH-6612 Ascona
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