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Bordering Italy, Ticino is the southernmost canton of Switzerland. The magical landscape of Ticino is flooded with sunshine around 300 days of the year and offers a “Swiss Mediterranean Lifestyle”. Ticino is famous for its beautiful lakes (Lago di Lugano and Lago Maggiore) and sub-tropical climate, with lush vegetation, where palm trees and bamboo grow wild.

Ideally located in the centre of Europe, Ticino is bordering the Lago Maggiore and the Lago di Lugano, but is also conveniently close to Italy and the Italian lakes such as Lago di Como and Lago di Garda and the "fashion city" of Milan with its 3 international airports. The Mediterranean Sea and some of the finest Alpine ski resorts can be reached by car within a comfortable 2 hour drive.

Ticino offers a diverse lifestyle with an abundance of facilities. A unique combination of high quality Swiss infrastructures and the Italian flavour of "La Dolce Vita".

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